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Get inspired by our modern and ecofriendly chimney-free fireplaces.

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Vauni's bestseller and most popular model. A hot design icon that fits perfectly into all homes, rooms and interior styles.

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Vauni Cupola shares dna and has the same clean and unique shape as the Globe fireplace. The difference is that it is mounted on the wall.

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A super slim fireplace with a full glass front that is mounted like a flatscreen TV on the wall. It is elegant, practical and looks good both lit and unlit.

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Since the dawn of man...

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...our prehistoric ancestors used fire to keep warm, to cook, and to tell stories around. The ability to control fire has been an important part of human evolution and it was likely around the fire that we developed our language and shared our experiences. With that in mind, is it any wonder that fire still fascinates us and gives us an inner calm?


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My Vauni fireplace is quite the conversation piece. In fact, until i light it up, most people think it's some interesting decoration. "Oooohs and Ahhhhs" ensue once the fire gets going.

San Francisco


When I discovered the Vauni fireplace on Pinterest, I felt that we had one wall in our new Brooklyn apartment that was begging for it. Now our beautifully designed Vauni Cupola hangs proudly as a statement piece in our living room. The purity of its design sets the tone for our style. All of our guests are fascinated both by its aesthetics and functionality. Lighting the fireplace and sharing this story with those who pass through our home brings me joy. I am definately a Vauni ambassador.

New York


We're so pleased with our Globe fireplace from Vauni! And also, the customer support is fantastic.



Awesome products! Really neat and cozy.



I own a Vauni Cupola that is perfect for my needs. Really great and nice!



I live in an apartment so this type of fireplace is my only option. Guests always tell me how beautiful and awesome the Vauni fireplace is. It's really warm too.