The Vauni story

“Why isn’t there a fireplace that’s attractive, flueless, environmentally friendly, and easy to use and install?,” asked Sören Sjölander, Professor Emeritus in innovation technology at Chalmers University of Technology, when he moved from a house to an apartment and was not allowed to install a traditional wood burner.

If it doesn’t already exist, you simply have to invent it yourself. The first Vauni prototype was produced in collaboration with designer Markus Grip in connection with his degree project at HDK, the Academy of Art and Design at the University of Gothenburg. The best of both worlds came together; perfect aesthetics and technical innovation.

But that’s not all. Safety is of course paramount in designs that incorporate fire – both your own safety and that of the planet. Only the safest solutions on the market are incorporated into the design. Vauni’s burner is unique in the way it absorbs fuel. Combustion takes place slowly as only the fuel vapours burn. That’s why Vauni’s fireplaces work just as well in a home environment as on yachts and houseboats.

Our fireplaces run on bioethanol and generate heat in a modern and environmentally friendly way. This means that combustion is completely clean and produces only small amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapour, just like the air you exhale.