Decorate and be inspired with Vauni and Johanna Haglund

Johanna Haglund is designer and owner of Design Of. She likes minimalist décor in quality materials, which is one of the reasons why she chose Vauni’s Globe as a fireplace in her home.

At Johanna and her family's home, the décor is stripped back and stylish. It is noticeable that every detail is thought through. In decorating their home, they have followed their own personal tastes as well as what fits into their house. Johanna likes to combine soft, warm colours with hard materials such as steel and concrete. She says the most important thing when decorating is that there is a common theme running through the whole room.

When Johanna and her family were going to build a house, they searched high and low for a nice fireplace but couldn’t find exactly what they wanted, and felt that most options took up too much space. That’s why she thought she was dreaming when she found the Vauni Globe. She describes Globe as minimalist and flexible – something that fits perfectly in their stripped-back home.

In the video, you can see how Johanna describes her home and how she has decorated it using her Vauni fireplaces.


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