Not All Ethanol Fireplaces Are Created Equal

When shopping for your bioethanol fireplace be sure to take note that you get what you pay for. There are a plethora of cheap knock off varieties available to the unknowing consumer. Not only do you compromise on the integrity and uniqueness of the design, you are also open to the chance of receiving a substandard burner within the unit. This could put you at risk for added air pollutants and residue.

Additionally, many ethanol fireplaces and burners are created for outdoor use only. These units often do not burn as clean as an indoor variety and create safety hazards inside your home. All Vauni models are created for indoor use. The Globe variety is mobile and can be used indoors and outdoors as the seasons change.

Vauni is a leading provider of bioethanol fireplaces. Vauni designs, manufactures and distributes ventless ethanol-powered fireplaces as well as combustion systems all over the world. All Vauni products are designed and manufactured in Sweden, Scandinavia which guarantees high product quality as well as ethical working conditions.

When choosing Vauni for your bioethanol fireplace you make no compromises. You receive the benefits of clean burning technologies, authentic Swedish designs and superior craftsmanship.


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