Re:burn – New hope for unusable tiled stoves

A beautiful tiled stove deserves a real fire. The Re:Burn is a specially designed bioethanol burner that allows you to enjoy a fire without the use of a functional chimney.

Tile stoves are a beautiful feature from the past, which fit just as well in today's modern home. However, it is not always possible to use it for practical reasons. That is why we have now developed a specially designed insert for these – The Re:Burn, a modern bioethanol burner that is completely smoke- and soot-free that does not require installation or chimney.

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Vauni Re:burn

With the Re:Burn, the user can control the heating effect by adjusting the size of the flames with the slider. Safety benefits will also come by switching from a classic wood burner to a bioethanol operation – The Re:Burn is Swedish design and quality throughout.

· The burner has an absorbing function for modern safety and performance.

· No installation required – just set it up in an existing fireplace.

· No maintenance.

· Adjustable flame size.

· Converts from wood to bioethanol.

· Economic running costs.

· Significant heat source.

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