10 Reasons to Swap the Traditional Wood or Gas Fireplace for a Vauni

When it comes to the traditional fireplace: Do you have one? Do you use it? Does it work? Has it become an unwanted house guest that’s generally in the way and rarely contributes?

Meet Vauni. A collection of premium, ethanol-burning fireplaces that offer all the warmth and atmosphere that one desires, minus all the fuss.

Check out our 10 reasons...
To ditch the traditonal flame-thrower for a Vauni fireplace:

1. You love your traditional fireplace but it's in disrepair
In older homes, it’s quite common to find fireplaces that are structurally unsound and unsafe to use. The feature is lovely but the repairs are costly. With a Vauni burner, you can turn your existing fireplace into an ethanol burning fireplace in seconds. Simply place the burner on your existing hearth and you’re all set to enjoy a fire. No fixes to your existing unit are needed because Vauni burners and fireplaces require no venting or flue.

Use a Vauni burner in your existing non-working fireplace—No chimney required.

2. You don't use your fireplace.

Building a wood fire takes time. You have to purchase firewood and store it somewhere nearby. Then you have to spend the time to build your fire which often tends to blaze high and put off more heat than desired. Plus, you have to maintain your chimney and deal with the mess of soot and ash. Yuck!

It’s a lot of effort, so it’s no wonder many people with fireplaces don’t actually use them. Ease your troubles by converting your wood burning fireplace into a quick and simple ethanol burning fireplace with a Vauni burner. Begin using your fireplace again, minus all the time and trouble!

3. You're not allowed to use your fireplace.

Local bans on wood burning are becoming more common in areas where air pollution is a concern. As luck would have it, your area has instituted restrictions or an all-out ban on using wood-burning fireplaces.

You love the look of a proper mantel and enjoy the ambiance a fire brings to the room. With Vauni you can continue to enjoy your existing fireplace without all the burning restrictions by easily replacing the use of wood with a Vauni burner.

Vauni burners are an easy alternative to wood. Simply place the burner and enjoy!

4. Someone in the house has asthma or allergies.

Even a small amount of smoke from a wood fire can be enough to cause major problems for someone with asthma or allergies. It’s not worth the risk. Fortunately, a Vauni ethanol-fueled fireplace has fewer emissions that release into the atmosphere, is less heavy to breathe in, and doesn’t contaminate the air with soot or ash.

5. You need more storage

In a small space, storage almost always trumps “extra” features, like a fireplace. Proper storage means your space looks airy and feels better. Traditional fireplaces require a fair amount of sq. footage for the firebox, hearth and ducting. If you are thinking of nixing the fireplace from a home with a small footprint, think again. The freestanding Globe is compact and mobile, while the wall-mount Edge has a super slim profile with an install that’s as simple as hanging a flat-screen TV.

Try a space-saving Edge or Shadow fireplace that mounts just as easy as a flat-screen TV.

6. You want more windows

Right up there with ample storage is natural light… who doesn’t want more of that? Traditional fireplaces use quite a bit of wall space for the unit itself as well as the venting and ducting that’s required for gas and wood burning. Giving up that wall space limits your options for window placement and size. Vauni Globe and Divider models are free-standing fireplaces that require no wall space and no venting. This means that you can enjoy ample windows and all the benefits of natural light without limitation.

Enjoy all the benefits of natural light with a free-standing Globe or Divider.

7. You have a tricky layout.
A room with many doors, windows, and other openings creates a challenge when arranging furniture. Proper layout and usable wall space become a necessity. Adding a traditional, vented fireplace is simply not an option. With Vauni’s freestanding models you can enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a fire without compromising a room’s layout and usable wall area. Plus, they are mobile which means you can relocate your Vauni on a whim!

8. Your home lacks ambiance but you don't think a fireplace was an option.

Have you invested time, effort and money into creating a comfortable space but to your frustration, it’s still lacking the coziness that you desire? A gas or wood fireplace is not a possibility for you because your apartment or home is not properly equipped. Lucky for you, Vauni fireplaces do not require any venting, gas or electricity making them a simple yet significant solution to add warmth and character to your home.

Add warmth and ambiance without the requirements of a traditional fireplace.

9. You want to be earth conscious

Wood burning fireplaces put numerous pollutants into the air… Not good for you and not good Mother Nature. Natural gas has numerous negative effects on the planet such as emissions linked to global warming, continued disruption of land wildlife from drilling activities as well as the potential for underwater pipeline rupture or leakage which would have a catastrophic impact on marine life.

Bioethanol is a natural source of renewable energy. It is derived from materials such as corn, potato, and sugarcane. In essence, it is denatured alcohol that burns clean, without the risk of putting dangerous particles into the air like wood-burning soot and ash. The emissions from bioethanol contain a small amount of CO, water and heat, making it very eco-friendly.

10. You're a trendsetter.
Vauni fireplaces boast unique, modern designs for anyone looking to set their home apart from the masses and take their space to the next level. If you’re tired of the same old, same old then Vauni is a perfect solution to break away from boring. Plus, the bioethanol technology is so cutting edge that you can school your friends and family while they admire how current you are.

Be the original Vauni owner and lead the way to new design & technology trends.

Now that you have 10 fabulous reasons to purchase a Vauni, it’s time to explore! Be sure to check out the gallery and FAQ page for additional imagery and information.


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