For architects

Prodlib - För arkitekter AutoCAD and Revit models by Vauni

Vauni offers BIM and CAD objects to architects and designers free of charge via ProdLib. As an architect, you are able to download a selection of our fireplaces from ProdLib for use in AutoCAD and Revit.

As a ProdLib user, you can discover our flueless fireplaces and place them straight into your project using your drawing software. You can customise the fireplaces to suit the project in terms of your existing design choices.

The ProdLib library can be used in your software as a plugin or as a separate application. ProdLib is available to download and use free of charge.

You can download ProdLib BIM and CAD models here:

How to install and use ProdLib:
Download and install ProdLib,
Download our product library
Add blocks to your project
– Read the product information and get to know us
– Choose from existing versions to suit your project
– Use ProdLib in via your drawing software or as a separate application

More detailed instructions about how to install and use ProdLib are available here: