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Vauni Cupola has the same superior and pure form as the Globe fireplace. The difference is that you mount it on the wall. The design fits in most homes and is a decorative element. It is simple to install and can easily be mounted on all wall materials.

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With a hemispherical shape similar to the Globe and a light-weight aluminium body, the Vauni Gupola clearly carries the Vauni identity. Its pioneering design and smooth wall installation make for an ideal interior element in the living room, bedroom or anywhere you’d like a mood booster. Design your Vauni Cupola in white or black, or with exclusive colours from the Limited Edition series such as Crystal Pearl, Frozen Grey or Nordic Rust.

EUR 2,246EUR 2,595


The classic, clean design and compact format means that the fireplace will match your modern interior. The characteristic profile in light aluminium becomes a decorative part of the interior. Vauni Cupola is just as easy to fix to the wall as a flat screen TV. It offers completely new opportunities to decorate your home with fire. Just like the other Vauni fireplaces, Cupola is equipped with an advanced, adjustable ethanol burner. That means safe, problem-free fire without a flue.


  • The world’s only hemisphere-shaped biofueled fireplace.
  • No flue required, design control adjusts flame size.
  • As easy to mount as a flat-screen TV.
  • Available in several colours.
  • Burner with absorbing function for unprecedented safety.
  • Like a sculpture even when unlit.



Nebula Red

Frozen Grey

Nordic Rust

Crystal Pearl

Stellar Black


Dimensions: 810×350 mm (Ø x d)

Weight: 27 kg

Effect: 2 kW (max)

Fuel volume: 2 l

Operating time: min 5 h


Instructionsmanual Cupola

Question Does the fireplace give out warmth? Can it heat up a room?
Answer Yes, you can heat up more than 20 m2

Question Does it make soot? Does the inside become black?
Answer No, never – it is completely free of soot.

Question Does it get hot at the wall? Can one be burned by touching the fireplace’s outer parts?
Answer The fireplace’s outer parts in normal operation never become warmer than the certification allows – a user need not worry about this.

Question Is it safe? Is the product certified?
Answer Yes. The product follows the latest European rules of certification. But fire must always be treated with respect.

Question What is included in the delivery?
Answer The fireplace, burner, regulator rod and lid, comprehensive manual, equipment for mounting.