VB00010 €2.495

With a hemispherical shape similar to the Globe and a light-weight aluminium body, the Vauni Cupola clearly carries the Vauni identity. Its pioneering design and smooth wall installation make for an ideal interior element in the living room, bedroom or anywhere you’d like a mood booster.



The classic, clean shape and compact format ensure that this fireplace perfectly complements modern interior design styles. The characteristic profile, in lightweight aluminium, makes it a unique interior design feature. Cupola is as easy to mount on the wall as a flatscreen TV. Just like Vauni’s other models, Cupola is flueless and equipped with the market’s most advanced bioethanol burner – which burns without smoke, soot or ash. It produces a pleasant heat and the size of the flame is infinitely adjustable. The result is a safe, no-fuss flueless fire.

  • The world’s only hemispherical bioethanol fireplace.
  • As all Cupola fireplaces are hand-spun, each one is unique.
  • No flue or installation is required. The flame is adjusted using the accompanying regulator rod.
  • As easy to mount as a flatscreen TV.
  • Can be mounted on all types of wall, provided the right fitting is used.
  • Available in the standard colours of black and white. For a more exclusive look, there are five signature colours to choose from.
  • Burner with absorbing and anti-spill functions for unprecedented safety and performance.
  • No flue, no fuss.
  • Simple and convenient to use.
  • An efficient and ecofriendly fire that produces a pleasant heat.

    Dimensions: 810×350 mm (Ø×d)
    Weight: 28 kg
    Effect: 2 kW 
    Fuel tank volume: 2 litres
    Burning time: min 5 h 
    Fuel consumption: 0,4 litres per h 
    Min room volume: 40 m3 
    Min floor area: min 17 m2

    Instruction Manual PDF