Ventless Fireplaces

Ventless fireplaces designed to invite togetherness

Invest in a ventless fireplace and get a beautiful fire experience enveloped in innovative design and market leading security. Choose from models that can be placed freely on the floor or mounted on the wall for an elegant heat source that´s easy to use. When installed, the fire can be adjusted to burn at optimum efficiency, minimizing the production of harmful carbon monoxide gas to a safe level. In other words, no need for a vent – and no more smoke, soot and ashes!

World-leading in eco-friendly ventless fireplaces

With no flue comes lots of freedom. Innovative design and technology allows you to move your Vauni anywhere you like. Living room, kitchen or why not next to your bubble bath for an atmospheric evening?

Unprecedented safety and the best of Scandinavian design makes for a completely new and accessible way to enjoy a fire in your home. We at Vauni are proud of our collection of world class ventless fireplaces and are happy to help our customers find a model best suited for the current needs. An array of colours and customizable features to choose from guarantees a fireplace that´ll match any interior.

Environmentally friendly combustion

Our ventless fireplaces are powered by environmentally friendly liquid bioethanol fuel. It is odourless, biodegradable and 100 % renewable. This means that the combustion is completely clean and only minimal amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapor form – just like in the exhalation air of your breathing. Thus, no chimney is needed and you can place your Vauni fireplace in any room you want.

A ventless fireplace created with energy efficiency in mind

In all of our fireplaces you can easily control the heat and size of the flame with a lever. And since Vauni’s fireplaces are incinerated with pure bioethanol, it means that the energy supplied goes straight into the room in terms of heat – instead of disappearing through the chimney as in conventional fireplaces. The heat output is 2-3 kW depending on the model, which is about half the amount of a wood burning stove. This way you get pleasant warmth, without the temperature getting too hot in the room.

All our products are KIWA-certified for safety

Our goal is to offer a safe fireplace with optimal function. That’s why we have devoted ourselves to get the highest possible safety certification from the global organization KIWA, which specializes in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) for worldwide business corporations. The certified bioethanol burner that comes with all our fireplaces are equipped with a clever anti-spill function, it´s possible to keep it upside down without the fluid running out. And the spherical shape of the free-standing Globe is perfectly customized in its design and size so as not to be so hot it hurts if you put your hand on top of or against the stove.

Welcome to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about Vauni products. Do you want to try the warmth of a Globe or Edge model? Visit our retailers to get a hands on-experience of a ventless fireplace.