Vauni Edge: Vägghängd Skorstensfri Kamin

Vauni EDGE

Vauni Edge is a wall-mounted flueless fireplace of typical simple and timeless Scandinavian design. The simple, clean lines of the fireplace will suit most interiors.

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Regarded as one of the world’s flattest fireplaces, the Vauni Edge looks like it’s built into the wall. The typical Scandinavian design adds a timeless, sleek look to your home, while not taking up any space on the floor. With Vauni Edge you get a modern and simple fireplace that complements your home, regardless of the interior style. Order your Vauni Edge in classic black or white, or for an extra sophisticated look: stainless steel.

EUR 1,695


As well as being decorative, the heat source provides mood lighting and nice warmth. Ease of installation and low temperature at the back means that Edge can be fitted to most types of rigid walls. The thin design makes the fireplace look as if it is built into the wall. Vauni Edge is available in three elegant designs: a black front, white finish or brushed stainless steel.


  • Super-flat – one of the world’s flattest fireplaces.
  • So flat that it looks built-in – building it in is needless!
  • Pure, elementary lines – timeless design.
  • Installation as simple as for a wall-TV.
  • Slimmed ethanol burner with absorbing anti-spill function.
  • No chimney, no hassle.
  • Easy and comfortable to use.
  • Efficient and environment-friendly combustion that gives cosy warmth.
  • Comes in three exclusive versions, with front in brushed stainless steel or matt black or white finish.


Dimensions950x550x160 mm ( w x h x d)

Weight: approx 25 kgs

Effect: 2 kW

Tank volume: 2 l

Burning time: min 5 h

Fuel Volume: 2 l

Fuel consumption: 0.4 l/h

Capable of heating: over 20 m2


Instructionmanual Edge

Question Does the fireplace give out warmth? Can it heat up a room?
Answer Yes, you can heat up more than 20 m2

Question Does it make soot? Does the inside or the glass become black?
Answer No, never – it is completely free of soot.

Question Does it get hot at the wall? Can one be burned by touching the fireplace’s outer parts?
Answer No, the wall stays cool or lukewarm. The fireplace’s outer parts in normal operation never become warmer than the certification allows – a user need not worry about this.

Question Is it safe? Is the product certified?
Answer Yes, definitely. The product follows the latest European rules of certification. But fire must always be treated with respect.

Question What is included in the delivery?
Answer The fireplace, burner, regulator rod and lid, comprehensive manual, equipment for mounting.

Question Can it be built in?
Answer Yes, if it is built into a niche with ample dimensions and the niche is clad with non-combustible material. But this is needless since it is so thin that it looks built-in, simply by hanging freely on the wall.