Easily placed fireplace - The Vauni Divider has a classic, clean shape to give the fire’s vitality maximum space and to inspire free placement in the room. As its name indicates, it is an ideal room-divider combining the transparency of hardened glass with the floating, unique body, which allows the fire to be viewed from all angles. In this way it becomes a superb mood-creator for everyday life as well as parties.

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Optimized for full flexibility, the Vauni Divider enhances any room with an exclusive feeling and a warm atmosphere. Its clean glass shapes give the impression of an art installation, and the mobility makes it fun to try out new refurbishments. As easy to use as the simplicity of the design, the Vauni Divider is a necessity for the fireplace-lover. Pick your material for the insert burner and enjoy a truly unique fire experience.

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The Vauni Divider is powered by a newly developed wide-flame bio-ethanol burner with impressive light intensity. Heating effect and flame size are adjusted by using the accompanying design tool. Vauni Divider is entirely mobile in order to suit varying needs and spontaneous rearrangements of furniture. Never before has it been more fun and simple to experiment with the interior!


  • Clean shape that allows for 360 degrees viewing angle of the fire.
  • 8 mm safety glass with polished edges.
  • Glass fittings in polished stainless steel.
  • No flue or installation required, design tool adjusts flame size.
  • Burner with absorbing function for unprecedented safety.
  • Available in two versions: Stainless/black and Granite/stainless.


Black mantle with stainless top


Stainless mantle with granite top

Question Does the fireplace give out warmth? Can it heat up a room?
Answer Yes, you can heat up more than 20 m2

Question Does it make soot? Does the inside or the glass become black?
Answer No, never – it is completely free of soot.

Question What is included in the delivery?
Answer The fireplace, burner, regulator rod and lid, comprehensive manual, equipment for mounting.

Question Does it get hot? Can one be burned by touching the fireplace’s outer parts?
Answer No, it stays cool or lukewarm. The fireplace’s outer parts in normal operation never become warmer than the certification allows – a user need not worry about this.

Question Is it safe? Is the product certified?
Answer Yes, definitely. The product follows the latest European rules of certification. But fire must always be treated with respect.


950×750×395 mm (w x h x d)

Weight: 60-70 kg

Effect: 3 kW

Fuel volume: 3 l

Operating time: min 5 h


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