Vauni OF Wide: Insatsbrännare


Vauni OF Wide is an ethanol burner that is
easily placed inside your open fire. It is also suitable on your coffee table or outside on the terrace. OF Wide is an ethanol burner full of possibilities.

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Give your fireplace new life with Vauni OF Wide

Vauni OF WIDE (Open Fireplace Wide) is a bioethanol burner loaded with all the advantages of new technology. Lightweight, compact size and extended flame width results in a fully mobile burner that fits just as well on a countertop as in an already existing fireplace. With a Vauni OF Wide you get hassle-free installation without having to consider a flue integration, and with 5 different colours you’re guaranteed to find your favourite shade.

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Vauni OF Wide is an ethanol burner for those who are tired of smoke, soot and ash from their wood-burning open fireplace. You can convert your open fire into a fireplace that runs on ethanol whenever you want without the need for any installation. And when you want to burn wood, it is easy to lift out the burner. A convenient and easy way to enjoy the new environmentally friendly technology.


  • Burner with absorbing function for unprecedented safety.
  • No installation required – just put in place.
  • Adjustable flame size.
  • Converts existing wood –fires to ethanol power.
  • OF Wide has extended flame width.
  • Good operating economy.
  • Substantial heat source.


410x90x220 mm (w x h x d)

Weight: 5.5 kg

Effect: 3 kW

Fuel volume: 3 l

Operating time: min 5 h

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Instructionmanual OF Wide


Cost calculations are based on the following assumptions:
  • The cost comparison is based on qualitative data derived from leading fireplace retailers in Sweden.
  • Swedish prices, currency SEK.
  • Mid-range priced wood and gas fireplaces were chosen as reference.
  • Average installation costs according to Swedish fireplace retailers.
  • Operating costs are based on average priced, purchased wood.
  • Operating costs are calculated based on the fuels’ energy content and consumption at average power level.
  • Total cost (purchase plus installation) lowest for ethanol, followed by wood and gas.
  • Operating cost similar for wood and ethanol, highest for gas.
  • Maintenance costs are additional for wood and gas.

Standard Black

Stellar Black

Frozen Grey

Nebula Red

Nordic Rust