Wall Mounted Fireplaces

Wall mounted fireplaces – where art meets functionality

Wall mounted fireplaces are the next generation of fire in our homes. As easy to install as a flat-screen TV, now you can enjoy the warmth of a fire in new and stunning ways. Carefully selected materials and cutting edge-technology is what characterizes all our products, with no exception for the wall mounted models Cupola, Shadow and Edge. Vauni´s unique fireplaces are specifically made for people with varying requirements, tastes and living situations. No more hassle, no more soot. Just an atmospheric heat source that is as stylish as it is simple. Browse our assortment of wall mounted fireplaces and pick a customizable style for your home. Best of all – no expensive chimney installation is needed.

Aesthetics and technology in a beneficial union

A core value of the Vauni identity is attention to the genuine and original. We aim to lead the way to a new era in designing homes with fire, and hope our customers want to be a part of the evolution. From the spherical Cupola to the clean, contemporary look of the Edge you get a perfect wall mounted fireplace where the unit is optimized for years of safe, carefree use. Pick and choose between a range of different colours for the Vauni Cupola model. Black, white or limited-edition earthy colours, no matter your style of choice you are guaranteed to find a new favourite to your home.

Wall mounted fire solutions accessible for everyone

Our goal is to become a leader in our fields of expertise by continuously striving for products with market-leading design, technology and most importantly, safety. No need to worry about heat-related damage to the wall, our wall mounted fireplaces are manufactured with a heat shield and air gap which leads to a low temperature on the back of the stove. Are you interested in a childproof version? The wall mounted Shadow piece has a glass front that protects children from getting burned. It’s safe, elegant and enhances any room with warmth and fellowship from a calming flame.

The wall mounted fireplaces are equipped with burners powered by environmentally friendly bioethanol fuel. It essentially means that the combustion is completely clean and only small amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapor form – just like in the exhalation air of your breathing.

All our products are KIWA-certified for safety

Our goal is to offer a safe fireplace with optimal function. That’s why we have devoted ourselves to get the highest possible safety certification from the global organization KIWA, which specializes in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) for worldwide business corporations. The certified ethanol burner that comes with all our fireplaces are equipped with a clever anti-spill function, it´s possible to keep it upside down without the fluid running out.

Protective safety glass as well as a hidden opening mechanism in the Shadow fireplace makes it safe around children or pets. A product purchased from Vauni is a guarantee that great care is put into every detail to ensure a pleasant fire experience that’s safe for family and friends.

Welcome to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about Vauni products. Do you want to try the warmth of a Cupola or Edge model? Visit our retailers to get a hands on-experience of Vauni´s wall mounted fireplaces.