Free standing fireplaces

Free standing fireplaces – endless possibilities for a fireplace at home
We take pride in our innovative products with market-leading design, technology and safety. Gone are the old days with conventional chimneys and compulsory fire utensils. Our popular free standing fireplaces eliminate soot, smoke and ashes, and can be moved freely around the home. State of the art-design and customizable features contribute to a personalized fireplace which blends into different types of rooms, regardless the interior.

Free standing fireplaces with an eye for sustainability

Enjoying a fire at home has never been simpler. Make sure to browse the assortment of our most popular best sellers – the models Globe and Divider. All manufactured in Sweden with a focus on solid and sustainable craft, which in turn ensures a high-quality standard for our customers.

A revolutionizing concept for residential spaces

Forget the angular and rough shapes that has traditionally been common in the case of mainly walled stoves. Today it’s possible to choose between considerably more flexible solutions. We are proud to supply homeowners with the world’s only fully mobile biofueled fireplace. Sphere-shaped or clean lines in glass? High or low foot? Timeless shapes of Scandinavian design combined with the latest engineering development guarantee a powerful fire experience and ultimately lasting value for years.

More than free standing fireplaces

We distribute fireplaces with Scandinavian design and optimal function to 16 countries all over the world – from Italy to New Zealand. By using unconventional production methods, we offer uniquely designed products that express aesthetics, quality and warmth to match the classic ambience of the fire. As a result, you get a fireplace that is beautiful both with and without burning flames. Besides, all of our Globe and Divider products can be used outdoors. Perfect for chilly mornings or evenings on the porch.

All our products are KIWA-certified for safety

Our goal is to offer a safe fireplace with optimal function. That’s why we have devoted ourselves to get the highest possible safety certification from the global organization KIWA, which specializes in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) for worldwide business corporations. The certified ethanol burner that comes with all our fireplaces are equipped with a clever anti-spill function, it´s possible to keep it upside down without the fluid running out. And the spherical shape of the free standing Globe is perfectly customized in its design and size so as not to be so hot it hurts if you put your hand on top of or against the stove.

Welcome to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about Vauni products. Do you want to try the warmth of a Globe or any of our other free standing fireplaces? Visit our retailers to get a hands on-experience of a ventless fireplace.