Bioethanol Burners

Bioethanol burners – design your own personalized fireplace

Vauni offers user-friendly, elegant and safe bioethanol burners with unlimited design possibilities thanks to the vent-free setup. Made of stainless steel and eco-friendly technology, you can now enjoy a warm and exclusive atmosphere essentially anywhere in your home. Replace the wood in your stove with an OF Wide burner for a quick, gentle startup and termination of the fire or build your own custom fireplace from scratch with the Vauni CI or CI Wide model. Available in different sizes and colours – the burner fits just as well on the coffee table or outside on the terrace. No soot, no odour and no need for a chimney. Welcome to discover a revolutionizing new way to design with fire.

Customize the hearth in your own way

Tired of putting up with wood, soot and smoke? Remove the wood and simply put an ethanol burner from Vauni in the fireplace and light it up for a hassle-free and cozy evening. If you´re in the mood for a crackling wood-induced fire again, simply lift the burner off to fire up some wood. Some bioethanol burners are designed for maximum flexibility while others are specially constructed to fit in non-flammable materials. Regardless the model, you are guaranteed a decorative solution with highest possible regard to convenience, environment and safety.

The bioethanol burners from Vauni all come with a lid and a regulator rod, which makes it possible to not only regulate the flame size, but also to easily put out the fire by pushing the lid over the opening – thus blocking the supply of oxygen to the flame. Easy to ignite, easy to extinguish.

Powered by a pure and natural fuel

Bioethanol fuel is a renewable energy source made of raw materials such as maize, potatoes and cellulose. The final product only creates an insignificant amount of carbon dioxide and water vapor during combustion, which makes the surroundings free of odor and smoke. Good for people who are allergic or sensitive to smoke, and good for mother earth.

With Vauni´s EcoFlame series you get bioethanol fuel which has been purified and filtered in several stages to guarantee one of the finest products on the market today. It has all the characteristics of 100 % pure bioethanol – it´s odorless, extends burn time and results in bigger, more colorful flames for your enjoyment.

All our bioethanol burners are KIWA-certified for safety

Our goal is to offer a safe burner with optimal function. That’s why we have devoted ourselves to get the highest possible safety certification from the global organization KIWA, which specializes in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) for worldwide business corporations. All bioethanol burners are equipped with a clever anti-spill function, it´s possible to keep it upside down without the fluid running out. A product purchased from Vauni is a guarantee that great care is put into every detail to ensure a pleasant fire experience that’s safe for family and friends. Just remember to follow the instructions and, when necessary, consult a licensed fire professional when building a custom fireplace.

Welcome to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about Vauni products. Do you want to try the warmth of a CI Wide or OF Wide? Visit our retailers to get a hands on-experience of Vauni´s bioethanol burners.