Memorable moments together with a flueless fireplace from Vauni

Enjoy a flueless fireplace together with those closest to your heart. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, it is the perfect focal point to gather around.

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Vauni's bestseller and most popular model. A hot design icon that perfectly fits all imaginable environments, rooms and interior styles.

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Vauni Cupola shares dna and has the same clean and unique shape as the Globe fireplace. The difference is that it is mounted on the wall.

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A specially designed bioethanol burner for tiled stoves. Enjoy your tiled stove without firewood or chimney.

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Do not take our word for it. Read what our customers say about us and our amazing fireplaces.

Purchased the Globe. Fantastic service, great updates on dispatch and delivered well packaged and in perfect condition. We are extremely happy with the Globe and will be back for more.


When I discovered the Vauni fireplace on Pinterest, I felt that we had one wall in our new Brooklyn apartment that was begging for it. Now our beautifully designed Vauni Cupola hangs proudly as a statement piece in our living room. The purity of its design sets the tone for our style. All of our guests are fascinated both by its aesthetics and functionality. Lighting the fireplace and sharing this story with those who pass through our home brings me joy. I am definately a Vauni ambassador. 


We purchased a Globe & love it. We received excellent service & delivery updates. When it arrived it had been very well packaged & was in perfect condition. We went for Nordic Rust & it looks great. 


My Vauni fireplace is quite the conversation piece. In fact, until I light it up, most people think it's some interesting decoration. "Oooohs and Ahhhhs" ensue once the fire gets going. 


I live in an apartment so this type of fireplace is my only option. Guests always tell me how beautiful and awesome the Vauni fireplace is. It's really warm too. 


Vauni Sweden thank you so much for your kind, fast and excellent service! We really enjoy our beautiful hearth! 


Since the dawn of man...

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...our prehistoric ancestors used fire to keep warm, to cook, and tell to stories around. The ability to control fire has been an important part of human evolution and it was likely around the fire that we developed our language and shared our experiences. With that in mind, is it any wonder that fire still fascinates us and gives us an inner calm?

A fireplace from Vauni is a long-term life partner that will be with you for many, many years.

‘Why isn’t there a flueless fireplace that is beautiful to look at and easy to use?’ This was the question that Sören Sjölander (Professor Emeritus in Innovation Engineering & Management at Chalmers University of Technology) asked himself when the time came to move from a house into an apartment and he wasn’t permitted to install a traditional wood-burning stove.

If what you want doesn’t already exist, then you just have to invent it. Vauni’s first flueless stove prototype was developed by Sören Sjölander in partnership with the designer Markus Grip as part of his degree project at the Academy of Design and Crafts at the University of Gothenburg. Creating a flueless fireplace requires innovation that is in equal parts technical and aesthetic. It is quite simply the very best of both worlds. Over the years since then, we have expanded our range with several models - which we have developed, refined and optimised to ensure perfection.

Each and every one of our models has its unique characteristics and advantages, but common to all of them - since day one - is that they are designed using clean shapes and lines in accordance with the Scandinavian tradition. With its timeless appearance and unbeatable quality, a fireplace from Vauni is a long-term life partner that will be with you for many, many years.