How it works

The fireplaces are powered by liquid denatured ethanol. Unlike traditional fireplace constructions, no chimney is needed because the combustion emits only small amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapour. The flames are as natural and yellow-orange as in wood firing, but are experienced as more dynamic than in vent-free gas stoves.

Fully mobile fireplaces

Vauni fireplaces need no fixed installation and are fully mobile. Altogether this provides unbeatable flexibility in contrast to an open fireplace.

Modern technology for leisure firing

Vauni fireplaces utilize modern technology for leisure firing. The energy you supply goes straight into the room as heat, instead of being lost through the chimney. Thus the efficiency is high and the user does not expend more energy than necessary. Denatured ethanol is biodegradable and a renewable energy source.

Vauni’s products are designed with a focus on market-leading safety and are certified and type-approved by KIWA. Vauni’s ethanol burners are optimised from all points of view. Two examples of innovative solutions are that:

  • The burners can be held upside down without fuel running out.
  • An optimised combustion chamber which always gives a soft start/stop and superior flame-light intensity combined with low consumption and the lowest emission values that exist for the product category – 70% better than the norm!

Vauni takes its responsibility and does not build fireplaces of cheap wood and plastic materials – all components are of nonflammable materials in order to harmonise with the fire and express aesthetics, quality and warmth.