General recommendations regarding fuel for Vauni fireplaces

Our bioethanol fireplaces are heated in a modern and environmentally friendly way. This means that the combustion is completely clean and only small amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapour are formed – just like in the air you breathe out. That’s why Vauni does not need a flue and you
can put the fireplace in any room you want. Our own fuel, Vauni Ecoflame Premium and Ecoflame Supreme, is optimised for ethanol burners. It is also biologically degradable and 100% renewable.


  • Ethanol fuel in gelatinous form
  • Ethanol fuel intended for cars (E85 or the like)
  • Kerosene or lamp oil

If you are uncertain, or need advice on fuel, please send us an email at:


Ecoflame Premium and Ecoflame Supreme is at this time only marketed in Sweden.