The prices on Vauni AB’s home page are shown including VAT for countries within the EU. Vauni holds the right to change offered prices on its home page and in other publications without prior notice. Vauni applies free shipping on all orders within Sweden. For other markets, there is an additional freight cost. Sales shall not be made to minors or orderers under 18 years of age.

Means of payment

You can choose between the following means of payment:

Card payment (Bank and Credit card)
As a customer you can always feel secure when purchasing with cards issued by VISA or Mastercard. We collaborate with PayEx Solutions which is certified according to the card industry’s stricter security requirement PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). We also use 3D Secure which is a global security standard developed by VISA and Mastercard for secure payments via Internet.

When you pay us with a card you are sent onward to a secure page with SSL certificate at PayEx Solutions, where you securely fill in your card data and carry out the payment. After the payment is completed you are sent onward to where the purchase is completed and a confirmation is sent.

As a customer you also have the possibility to purchase with an invoice in advance. To pay with an advance invoice please contact Vauni, at email: or phone + 46 31 722-79 30. An electronic invoice is sent to the e-mail address given by the customer and serves as an order confirmation. Payment is done with an ordinary bank transfer to a stated IBAN/ BIC and is confirmed electronically when the payment has been registered in Vauni’s system, which can take up to 5 bank days.

Allow up to 24 hours’ processing time for orders with invoice during normal working weeks.

Rules for handling value-added TAX (VAT)

If your country is part of the European Union (EU), prices include Swedish VAT at 25 %.

In the following cases, value-added tax may be deducted when paying:

  • The customer is a company with valid VAT number registered in the EU (excluding Sweden).
  • The customer is an individual residing in a country outside the EU where Vauni delivers.
  • The customer is a company registered in a country outside the EU where Vauni delivers.

All orders are shipped from Sweden.
National value-added tax and fees may be added to a customer outside the EU. Vauni do not collect VAT, duties and/or taxes on orders to countries outside the EU and we cannot predict what your particular charges may be.
If you do incur any such additional charges they must be rendered in order for your package to clear customs.
If you have any questions related to customs charges we advise you to contact your local customs office.
Reimbursement of VAT cannot be requested in retrospect.

Conditions of delivery

Vauni uses DHL as logistic representative.

Delivery time
The normal delivery time is 8-15 working days after receipt of an order. For goods that are not in stock but are manufactured directly upon an order, the delivery time is 6-8 weeks after receipt of an order. If a delivery cannot be made because the goods are not in stock or if it is delayed for other reasons, you receive a message to that effect at latest 30 days after you have made the order. Please contact us directly to get the information on current stock status for the respective product,

Freight cost
Vauni applies shipping cost on all orders outside Sweden. The freight cost varies depending on the product, weight, method of delivery and delivery address. The exact price is given when the goods are ordered.

Method of delivery

Notified pallet delivery 
Orders of free-standing as well as wall-mounted fireplaces are delivered standing on EUR pallets via DHL. When the product/products have arrived at DHL you are notified by telephone regarding the delivery day and time window. Delivery takes place on weekdays.There is a possibility of tracing the shipment through DHL’s home page. If you want delivery notification right before delivery you need to book this as an extra service.

Notified package delivery
Orders of other products are covered by package delivery. When the product/products have arrived at DHL you are notified by telephone regarding the delivery day and time window. Delivery takes place on weekdays.There is a possibility of tracing the shipment through DHL’s home page. If you want delivery notification right before delivery you need to book this as an extra service.

Important information about delivery of Vauni Eco Flame bio-ethanol fuel
For legal reasons Vauni Eco Flame can only be delivered to customers with Swedish delivery addresses. In spite of this, there is no technical limitation to prevent customers outside Sweden from making an order and paying for Vauni Eco Flame. Vauni AB therefore reserves the right to cancel purchases from non-Swedish customers and repay the submitted amount, minus an administration fee of 5€.

Transport damage
If the product has damage that is visible upon delivery, this must be reported directly to the driver. Thereafter the damage must be reported to Vauni’s customer service by sending a message to If we are to approve a claim, the packing must be checked as soon as you receive the product. Always save the packing and the broken product for possible claims against the shipping agent.

Right to cancel and repayment (applies to Sweden only)

As our customer you always have 14 days’ right to cancel. The respite period begins on the day you have received the goods from us. For valid right to cancel, the product must be in essentially unchanged condition, which means among other things that the fireplace must not be fired in and that the original packaging must be undamaged. The right to cancel is not applicable for companies.

If you wish to make use of the right to cancel, you are recommended to contact Vauni’s customer service at and state the order or invoice number, to receive instructions on how the goods are to be returned. If you regret your purchase and send a product back to us, we will repay your purchase amount within 30 days at latest. As a customer you yourself pay for any return freight, and this is adjusted in connection with the payment of your money. The product must always be returned in its original packaging and the consumer is responsible for the risk of return freight; this risk means among other things that the product may be damaged or lost during shipment. Goods delivered by pallet must be loaded and on pallet so as to avoid damage to the goods during transport.

Vauni reserves the right, if the return is not complete, to debit cost price for missing as well as damaged parts.

Guarantee and right to complain

All Vauni’s products are sold with one (1) year’s guarantee. The product guarantee covers only original faults, i.e. faults that were in the product upon delivery. These faults must be verified by Vauni AB, from which you as customer receive a cost-free repair, or alternatively a new product and compensation for possible freight costs. If the product does not have a guarantee fault we are entitled to debit you for the cost of investigation. If the fault has been caused by erroneous installation, assembly, faulty handling or the like, you are debited for repair costs.

The product guarantee does not apply to faults that arise during or after your own change of the product’s function and appearance, such as rebuilding, upgrading or other configuration of the product.

Your order confirmation or receipt is valid as proof of guarantee. Keep this document since it is required if the guarantee right needs to be utilised.

Note that the right to complain does not apply for companies.

Right to complain (Applies to Sweden only)
On all goods you have, in accordance with the Consumer Purchases Act, a legal right to complain until 3 years after you have received the goods. In the event of a complaint you should contact Vauni’s customer service via e-mail at and state the order or invoice number as well as describing the fault in the product.

Payment security
When dealing with Vauni you as a customer are offered secure card payment with VISA and MasterCard in collaboration with PayEx Solutions. When the card payment takes place, you are sent onward to a secure page with SSL certificate at PayEx Solutions where your card data are securely filled in and the payment is made. Through this procedure Vauni never handles your card data.

PayEx Solutions is a leading supplier of payment services via Internet and is PCI-DSS-certified by the card industry (among others, VISA and MasterCard). PCI-DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and is a comprehensive programme intended to increase data security for all parties that store, process or transfer card data, in accordance with the card companies’ stricter requirements.

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How Vauni Protect your personal information
It is important that you feel safe when shopping with Vauni.
We protect your personal privacy and want to protect your personal information in the best possible way.
Everything is done in a safe and legal manner in accordance with EU regulation GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation.
For complete information, see our privacy policy.