Bioethanol burner OF Wide

VB00027 €636

Vauni OF Wide is a bioethanol burner loaded with all the advantages of new technology. Lightweight, compact size and extended flame width results in a fully mobile burner that fits just as well on a countertop as in an already existing fireplace. With a OF Wide you get hassle-free installation without having to consider a flue integration.



You can convert your open fireplace to a bioethanol one whenever you want, without the need for installation. Then, when you want a wood fire again, simply lift out the burner. A convenient way of enjoying this new, ecofriendly technology.

  • Burner with absorbing function for unprecedented safety and performance.
  • No installation required – just set it up in an existing fireplace.
  • No maintenance.
  • Adjustable flame size.
  • Converts from wood to bioethanol.
  • Economic running costs.
  • Significant heat source.

Dimensions: 410×90×220 mm (w×h×d)
Weight: 6 kg
Effect: 3 kW 
Fuel tank volume: 3 litres 
Burning time: min 5 h 
Fuel consumption: 0,5 litres per h 
Min room volume: 48 m3 
Min floor area: 20 m2

Instruction Manual PDF